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DeLapp & Associates, Inc. CAD system utilizes IntelliCAD with custom menus and AutoLISP routines developed in-house.

Here is A User's Analysis of IntelliCAD 98.

DeLapp & Associates layer pen and line weight standards.

LISP Routines
Links to download various lisp routines to share with clients.


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Add - Add string lisp routine will take a  selection of text and add selected the numbers together.


BGlayer - Background Layer version 1.01. Moves an xref to a layer with the same name as the xref. Will create the layer if it does not exist.


CGrid.LSP - v1.1 3/21/01; Copyright 1999-2001 by J. Marsden DeLapp. Based on work from Christopher Lovelock.
Ceiling grid function will draw ceiling grids on plan drawings. Preview allows you to preview the grid and change rotation and move the base point before accepting a final layout.


RevCloud - This routine draws revision clouds using pline arcs with a 0.0 beginning width and a (0.02 x Scale Factor) ending width to give a hand drawn appearance. Clouds should be drawn in a counter-clockwise direction for arc bulges to lay toward the drawing extents and a clockwise direction for arc bulges to lay towards drawing interior.
This command will prompt for a revision number and create a layer named REVISION_CLOUDS_#, # being the revision number prompted for. After completing the cloud, a revision tag will be placed with the proper number and a leader. This can later be edited with DDATTE.
The Scale Factor value used for determining ending width of each arc is obtained from system variable "DIMSCALE".


Same - Pick a block or text. Will insert another copy of the block on the same layer with the same scale factor. You select a new point and rotation of the new block.
The new block is inserted using the xscale factor. It is assumed that y and z scale factors are the same as the x scale factor. If text is selected, will match text height and style. Copyright (C) 1998 by J. Marsden DeLapp
Author J. Marsden DeLapp v1.00 4/23/98


Space - SPACE.LSP v2.0 9/23/99
Copyright (c) 1993, 1999 by J. Marsden DeLapp, All rights reserved.
A program to space items in a room by picking corners of the room and entering either the maximum spacing or the number of rows and columns.


TableIN - TableIn.LSP v2.00 10/4/2004 Copyright 1997-2004 By J. Marsden DeLapp
Table In LISP routine will take a text file and import it into a drawing while splitting each line into columns.


Wclip - v1.0 3/17/00 Cuts a clip out of a drawing. Copyright (c) 2000 by J. Marsden DeLapp


UnPath - v1.01 12/8/2005 Strips xref paths so xrefs will be loaded from the current directory. Copyright (c) 2003 by J. Marsden DeLapp


CAD Links
Links to other CAD sites for CAD information, LISP routines, etc.


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